Wheel Aligners

Wheel aligners

geoliner® 6103D Car Wheel Aligner With Tilting Camera

The geoliner 610 has a tilted camera boom for flexible vehicle positioning, eliminating the need for a fixed position to carry out alignment checks, and is perfect for those with limited workshop space.

geoliner® 580 PRISM ELITEWheel Aligner with PRISM Technology

The geoliner 580 Prism Elite allows you to add alignment to your garage services with the peace of mind that it can be operated by any member of staff.

geoliner® 650 XD3D Car Wheel Aligner with XD Technology

Patented 3D imaging technology provides accurate and real-time measurements which improves productivity.

geoliner® 670 XD3D Car Wheel Aligner with XD Technology

Our redesigned geoliner 670 XD wheel alignment system features improved camera and target technology, the smallest and lightest XD target system we’ve ever offered, and our proven conventional imaging aligner design.

geoliner® 680 XD3D Car Wheel Aligner with XD Technology

The geoliner 680 XD combines unmatched accuracy and user-friendly features with a conventional imaging aligner design. And its extensive vehicle specifications database instills even more confidence and assures the job is done right the first time.

geoliner® 790Wireless 3-Camera Car Wheel Aligner with XD Technology

The premier alignment system in our range is the geoliner 790 XD, the most precise and compact system on the market.

Dual Revenue Four Post LiftClass IV, Class VII

The next-generation HOFMANN dual revenue four post lift has three configuration options and two weight capacity choices to provide solutions suited to helping garages keep pace with changing trends within the industry.

Dual Revenue Scissor LiftClass IV, Class VII

The HOFMANN dual revenue scissor lift can be configured as an ATL/MOT lift, a dedicated alignment lift, or have both options to provide more opportunities to workshops.


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